A Guide to the Women’s Lacrosse Lifestyle

I had known what lacrosse was…well Men’s Lacrosse. I threw the ball around with some of my guy friends in middle school and knew the basics. Then one day I wanted to actually play the game and my new coach handed me this ‘joke of a pocket’ stick. I was shocked to see such a different sport for the women’s team. Little did I know this game would help me find my Purpose in life.

Every girl who has played the game can vouch for one thing for sure: the game has changed their life somehow. Once you enter the atmosphere of the fastest sport on two foot, especially the finesse and control of the women’s game, there is a special connection between the people and the game. Here’s what I’ve learned…
First, if you’re considering this sport, here’s what you should know.

Only join this sport if you want to make lifelong friendships. The people who create the team are talented, young athletes who love the game and all that are apart of it. Lacrosse, especially women’s lacrosse, is not as known as other sports, but that should be a reason to love it. The Lacrosse community is a tight knit family of athletes who wish to support each other. The coaches are teachers and mentors, they care about more than just the game, and they want you to grow in all aspects of being a well rounded individual. Everyone is welcome and anyone can play this sport.

Second is to be prepared to work and grow.

This sport is not easy; it’s the fastest sport on two feet! Don’t let this deter you from playing, it’s about growing and learning from your mistakes. All the girls I’ve talked to about the game all say they are thankful for the lessons they learned. They’re thankful for the long tournaments, the hard practices, the wins and losses, because each day playing allowed for them to grow as a person and player. Don’t join thinking you can get away with not putting in work; the only way to grow is to put in the effort.

Practices will be hard on you physically. They are meant to get you in shape for game day. They aren’t to punish you or make you hate the sport, they are to grow as an athlete.

Practices will confuse you. The point is to learn more of how the sport works and to think of any possible situation that may occur. Ask questions and grow and learn: make your LAX IQ* higher.

Games will scare you. The nerves you feel are there for a reason. Take the fear and turn it into positive energy, so you can focus on what lays ahead of you.

Games will excite you. Do not let the confidence turn into cockiness. Take your excitement and help your teammates stay positive and confident.

The mistakes you make are the way you’ll learn; game time is where you learn the most. The mistakes at practice can be fixed after a few tries and it won’t mean anything. Games are where mistakes count for something and they need to be fixed immediately. Recover and grow.

Third. Do not give up.

This community will not let you give up. You have so much to offer. Don’t let the long days get to you or your mistakes make you feel like quitting is an answer. We believe in you.

Fourth is to take care of yourself.

Every athlete will tell you that the only way to be the best is to take care of yourself. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is the first steps to being the best version of you. You must fuel your body.

Intense workouts and sore muscles are all signs of growth. Take those ice baths, roll out your muscles, and care for your injuries.

Lacrosse can change lives differently.

Mentally you can grow as a teammate and person.

Physically you push your body’s limits.

Financially you can progress all the way to college with scholarships.

Overall, this sport teaches the players, coaches, parents all something they need. Personally, I found who I am as a person and what I want in my life.

The definition of Epoch is a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics. The time playing this sport is the time of your life you will never forget. This is the sport I love. This is Women’s Lacrosse. This is my Purpose.

*LAX IQ: the amount of knowledge and awareness you have on the field as you play

Nicole Gilbert*
Epoch Women Author
*Name has been changed to protect NCAA eligibility of student athlete

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