Journey to the Heart

There is an amazing book called “Journey to the Heart” by Melody Beattie. This book contains 365 days worth of daily mantras or short “essays” to guide the reader into a healthy mindset for the pertaining day. One of the best parts about the book is how accessible it is for the layman – the one who is maybe skeptical about spirituality.

I remember the first time I was introduced to the book, I opened it up to a random page and began to read the entry for January 9th, a totally arbitrary date. The title of the entry was “You’re Going Someplace New” and I thought to myself, holy s**t what are the chances. I AM going someplace new. Literally, I am quitting my cubicle job and traveling to Iceland in a few weeks.

I had never traveled outside of the United States (Cancun doesn’t count in my book) and I was completely fearful of the experience, the unknown and the vulnerability of being in another country.

The universe has an amazing way of communicating with us and most people are not in tune with the many, many signals we are shown. There are three types of signals the universe sends. The first one is the feather. A small nudge in the right direction, if you will. If we do not notice the feather, the universe will then take a slightly more aggressive approach and use a brick to get the point across. If the brick doesn’t do the trick, well, the universe will send a truck and let’s all be clear, no one wants to be hit by a truck. I’d like to think that opening Melody Beattie’s book to this passage was a feather, a simple nudge of reassurance. The passage is too long to include, but the mantra (fancy word for life slogan) reads as follows:

“You are open now, more open then you’ve ever been. Trust the process and trust your heart. The journey is not in vain It’s purpose is to lead you to love.”

Trust the process. Have faith in your surroundings and the happenings of your life. The trip to Iceland was a turning point for me. My leap of faith to quit my job and travel the world was frightening, but without taking the leap, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Santosha, meaning contentment, is a practice in yoga that is the simple act of not allowing your mind to always want to be different. Trust the process and let it unfold before you, while enjoying the ride along the way. Once you do so, you’ll find much greater joy and thus start to recognize that going someplace new doesn’t have to be so scary.


Danielle Visco
Epoch Women Author

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