The Goal of the Epoch Women Blog

The women’s game of lacrosse is constantly changing and evolving with new styles of play and new rules.

Epoch women encompasses all we know and love about the sport of lacrosse and the community we share. We serve as a platform to engage and encourage members of our community to speak out and connect. Where anyone–from teens to coaches can make their voices heard.

A collection of passionate women who live and breathe the sport of lacrosse, life and their community within.

Activate and build a stronger community of women who play and love the sport of lacrosse.

Give the women of lacrosse a solid platform for their thoughts, ideas and inspirations to be heard like never before.

Create a never-ending resource for coaches and players alike to learn more about lacrosse and their community and for young athletes to be inspired.

A place to show o not only their knowledge of the sport but also their artistic and other interests which drives them to do what they do everyday. To inspire the next generation of athletes.

Posted by Epoch Author Carrie Moeger

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