NXT + Epoch Lacrosse Present the Girls Philly Showcase

Welcome to the Show

For 8 years, NXT has been running the Girls Philly Showcase to provide top high school players with a competitive individual event where games are coached by current college coaches.  This unique format provides a rare opportunity for numerous college coaches to interface with players they are recruiting in an educational setting.  College coaches and players alike have flocked to this event because of the inherent value in interacting with one another in an NCAA compliant setting.

“The Girls Philly Showcase is an absolute necessity to setting yourself apart in a sport that is growing rapidly by the day. The Showcase allows each player to have the opportunity to compete, interact, and learn from the best college coaches in the nation. The only way to grow is to be outside of your comfort zone – what better way than being split into teams among the best players in the country and competing against one another.”

– Danielle Kirk, Director of Girls Events

Athletes play three games in front of the assembled college coaches in the morning. After the morning session, the Girls Philly Showcase concludes with the Fab 40 All-Star Game.


NXT has three evaluators watching every game. The evaluators are simply given a list of players and numbers and are not given any information about where a player is from or who they play for. The evaluators are not stat-counting, but rather grading the players on the skills and attributes needed to be a successful college lacrosse player. At the end of the morning session, NXT runs all the numeric grades through their program to select the All-Stars.

“Showcases have become an essential part of the recruiting process, because it is the only opportunity a player has to interact with multiple coaches at the same event prior to Sept 1 of their Junior year.  Sure, players should still be visiting college campuses and attending college program clinics, but this format allows players to be coached by many top coaches at once.  Coaches love it too, because they can actually get to know these kids instead of just evaluating them from 40 yards away 3 weekends in a row this November.”

– Kate Henwood, Executive VP of Girls Lacrosse

All-Star players will receive a free Purpose Epoch Lacrosse Stick!

The Purpose™ 15-degree from Epoch Lacrosse is engineered for the new generation of elite athletes. Designed, manufactured and tied-up right here in the USA, the Purpose™ features Epoch’s patent pending 15-degree bottom rail. This technology is designed exclusively by women for women. The 15-degree bottom rail technology drives the ball high in the pocket to the sweet spot unlike any other product in the market. This maximizes feel and control for ultimate consistency, power and accuracy.

The Purpose™ comes with a matching Dragonfly shaft, the most technologically advanced carbon fiber composite shaft in the game. Like all Dragonfly shafts, the Purpose™ comes with an industry leading 1-year warranty and is manufactured with pride here in the USA.

The Purpose™ is available with a factory tied-up mesh pocket for elite level control and feel, engineered and strung in the USA. All factory tied-up heads are strung by Epoch and/or Stylin Strings and are designed to optimize the sweet spot and 15-degree technology.

Follow the Epoch Women on Instagram to learn more about the Purpose @epoch.women


College coaches committed to the 2018 Girls Philly Showcase:

  • Syracuse
  • Loyola
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Hofstra
  • Rutgers
  • Louisville
  • Cincinnati
  • Temple
  • Delaware
  • UMBC
  • Virginia Tech
  • Cal
  • Monmouth
  • F&M
  • Widener
  • Colorado
  • La Salle
  • Old Dominion
  • William & Mary
  • Lehigh
  • St. Joes

We cannot wait to see everyone there! 

– NXT + Epoch Lacrosse
*All information about Girls Philly Showcase provided by NXT

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