Purpose C32 Review

I have the C32 Dragonfly shaft on the Epoch Purpose setup. The shaft fits perfectly in my hands, which allows me to feel a better sense of control when cradling. An underrated aspect I appreciate would have to be the butt of the shaft. I’ve had a lot of butt caps constantly slip off of other sticks in the past. This one is much more minimal and fits snug on the shaft, I love it! I also loved the look of the head, I basically just love the whole thing! The all black is very sleek and I liked that.

Definitely the first thing that stands out when first looking at the head is the 15 degree technology. The tilt on the head appears much more dramatic than the 10 degree technology on other heads. This allowed for easier groundball pick-ups and pretty much a built in sweet spot right off of the shelf. With other sticks I’ve used in the past, it takes a while to really break it in and get your pocket exactly how you want it. This head is ready to go right away. I noticed feeling a lot more control of the ball and always knowing exactly where it sat in my stick. This made it especially helpful when I got around to shooting with it. The accuracy is awesome. The ball sits in the sweet spot, allowing for a quick and accurate release whenever. I noticed my shots just kind of “snapped” a lot better with this setup than other sticks I’ve used in the past. My shot felt a lot harder and more accurate with this stick.

Another aspect I liked about this stick was the engineering behind it. First off, the Purpose is 100% made and designed in the United States. The great minds behind the stick were women, women who have played the game and know the game. I believe that is why the stick really hits the mark. It was developed by the people that would use it. This made for a stick that really stayed true to some traditional aspects of the game, but also introduced innovative aspects (the 15 degree technology especially) that puts it above the rest. Epoch really delivered on the Purpose stick and I look forward to what they put out in the future!

Kaitlyn Kimball
Epoch Women Author

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