The Epoch Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy

It seems like everyone is competing to get the pink arm band at tournaments, signifying they have committed to a college, however, once that pink band is obtained many players wean off their competitive training. Unfortunately, the time between when a player commits and starts their collegiate career is crucial and will differentiate those who will enter the next level prepared and those who will not. The problem is not always an issue of dedication on the player’s part, it is the lack of opportunities for these committed athletes. Luckily, there is an invite-only event for committed players in the 2018 and 2019 classes–The Epoch Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy. The Academy exists to keep these committed athletes in practice and competing at an intense level consistent with their skill level to ease their transition from a high-school to a collegiate athlete.

The Epoch ILWomen Committed Academy occurs from July 6th to July 8th at Goucher College in Towson, MD. The Academy is more than an opportunity to excel one’s game, Inside Lacrosse will also use the Committed Academy as a resource to evaluate and rank top recruits. This adds a layer of potential rewards to the player’s experience past advancing their individual game.

This event guarantees the sharpening and development of player’s skills, however, another aspect the Epoch ILWomen Committed Academy focuses on is the building of relationships between the committed athletes, whom may become future teammates or future rivals. All the athletes will live in the dorms at Goucher College for the duration of the event where they will eat, relax, play and share in further bonding experiences together. The early formation of these relationships will not only alleviate some feelings of anxiety experienced while transitioning into college, these relationships will also translate onto the field with the deepening of skills as a team player.

The Epoch Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy does not only want the committed athletes to grow as Lacrosse players, they also want them to grow as young women. Various activities will promote this aspect of the Academy with the aid of the keynote speaker Taylor Ketchum. Ketchum holds many accolades in the sphere of Women’s Lacrosse, however, apart from Lacrosse she is a wellness coach extraordinaire and has many words of inspiration to share.

Another featured guest at the Epoch ILWomen Committed Academy is Taylor Cummings, a former Terp and one of the best female Lacrosse players in the country. Cummings will be one of the Committed Academy Coaches and will also conduct a position-specific clinic during the Academy.

The Epoch ILWomen Committed Academy is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to maintain and advance your skill level, meet future teammates and potential life-long friends, grow as an individual and get ready for college.

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