The Game

As I entered middle school I became burnt out with soccer, a sport I had played since I was eight years old. I took a look at my father, brother, and sister and their appreciation for lacrosse, and decided to try out the game.It didn’t take me long to fall in love with lacrosse. Starting on a summer team I was nervous, but as the games were played and years went on, the sport became second nature to me. The fast pace of the game and the adrenaline rush when handling the ball, gave me the feeling I longed for when playing a sport. I continued to play both in high school and on a club team throughout my teenage years, where I found my home on the attacking end of the field. Day in and day out I had practice and games with my teams, and fun toss-arounds with my family. What some may have thought to be too many hours of lacrosse, I didn’t think was enough. I was given the amazing opportunity to play Division III lacrosse in college, where I was able to combine a great education and my love for the game.I am now about to enter my last semester of my senior year, and what a ride it has been. I can thank the girls that played by my side, for the constant support and motivation to become a better player. From high school to college, many of my teammates became lifelong friends. If it weren’t for my teammates throughout the years, I would not be the player I am today. My passion for lacrosse has been unmatched by my other interests, and once my last spring season comes to an end, I am unsure what I will look to next to replace the feeling of playing on the field while wearing my collegiate jersey. But hey, if my dad can still play lacrosse at 57 years old, so can I. I can’t wait to where the game takes me.

Leanne P.*
Epoch Women Author
*Name has been changed to protect NCAA eligibility of student athlete

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